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4BEAT6 have released a CD, entitled "The band that plays the music of Benny Goodman Volume 1". It includes 4 bonus live tracks. 4BEAT6, a group of 6 top jazz musicians from the Dutch and European jazz scenes, perform 14 swinging numbers from Benny Goodman’s legacy.

Now And Then

“From the late 1920s through his death in 1986, the clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman played at the highest artistic level imaginable. His various groups--both his big bands and smaller combinations--reflected his exacting musical standards. Mr. Goodman’s exciting clarinet playing and the sound of his bands had a profound influence on popular music.

This rich musical legacy is now being carried into the 21st Century by big bands and small groups all over the world. This CD features 4beat6, a fine sextet which captures the spirit and excitement of Mr. Goodman’s various small combinations.

I played lead and solo trombone in what was the last band under Benny Goodman’s leadership. I am very proud of my association with Mr. Goodman. Now--many years later--I’m proud to have been a guest soloist with 4beat6! As an American, it’s rewarding to see (and hear) such a fine group from the Netherlands show such a deep understanding of jazz and the swing style. Jazz used to be a solely American art form. It now belongs to the world, and to terrific bands like 4beat6.

I wish them all a bright, happy, and swinging future.”
Dan Barrett
(trombonist and arranger of the Benny Goodman Big Band in the 80’s)