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Benny Goodman is considered the "inventor" of the Swing music in the mid-30's.

Together with Lionel Hampton (vibraphone), Gene Krupa (drums), Teddy Wilson (piano) and Charlie Christian (el.guitar) Goodman developed a style of music that was revolutionary at that time. In particular, the rousing "four beat" was typical.

Soon, the popularity of this music spread to Europe and the rest of the world, it was the 'popmusic' of that time and caused a revolution.

The Dutch band 4beat6 plays the music from this early period of the Swing era and brings the legendary Benny Goodman sextet back to life.

According to experts 4beat6 is the most swinging band of the moment. But equally important is the joyful enthusiasm of which these musicians play together again and again ... something that is recognizable to their audience.

Songs as Flying Home, Airmail Special, Stardust, Slipped Disc, Memories of You are performed in the original arrangements. A unique opportunity to experience again how vital this music sounds live today.